Тибетская медицина
Сайт врача тибетской медицины Всеволода Орлова
Тибетская медицина
Сайт врача тибетской медицины Всеволода Орлова

Тибетская медицина

Сайт врача тибетской медицины Всеволода Орлова

Diet at diseases of slime

To exclude:

  1. Crude, that is non-heating raw products (!), including unboiled water and milk, crude vegetables, fruit, greens and salads from them;
  2. Cold food (from the refrigerator) and cold dishes (“Russian salad” and others, meat cutting, marinades,  ice-cream — absolutely inadmissible product (!)
  3. Farinaceous food (the products containing wheat) macaroni, bakery products: (drying, spice-cakes, pancakes-fritters and so forth). Bread (!) is better to accustom oneself to eat absolutely without bread. Only bread with bran, quick bread
  4. Pork
  5. Animal fats (fat, fat meat), and in general all fats, only a little easy vegetable oils
  6. All fermented products, where microbic processes occur-souring, fermentation, sour-milk fermentation: sauerkraut, pickles and tomatoes, kvass, curdled milk.
  7. Everything half: — boiled, — fried, unripen (for example, immature (pale, even slightly greenish colour) buckwheat; unripe apples and berries.
  8. Any smoked products (raw-smoked meat, sprats, sausages, smoked fish)
  9. Sweets (sugar, sweets, cakes etc.), excluding Honey — a unique product with the sweet taste, useful for slime type.

10. Sour-milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, yoghurt) and milk (cream and others)

11. Not to overeat! That common truth — «to rise from the table with easy feeling of hunger» in your situation — health pledge. «If you do not know eat or not eat – do not eat».

It is useful:

  • Fish (low-fat), especially quickly moving (dry, low-fat) breeds of fishes (a pike etc.). Fish from the mountain rivers (grayling, a mountain trout) — is medicinal food at illnesses of slime. *
  • Fast meat, is better mutton and a hen;
  • Stewed vegetables, (is ideal-prepared on vapor) **
  • Honey (!)
  • Bean (lentil, peas etc.). ***
  • Boiled water on an empty stomach (boiled water of tea temperature). Before meal, after and in general in any opportunity. Boiled water will be more useful with honey (1 teaspoon for a glass).
  • Pomegranates or garnet juice (only natural, fresh juice).
  • Not to overeat
  • Do not eat till the already eaten food will be digested.

* Red fish — heavy, it’s harmful at diseases of slime.

** Carrots and cabbage (any grade) should eat less anyway — they are heavy and cold on properties.

*** Bean is necessary to prepare correctly. It should be soaked for a long time before cooking, merging water. It is also good to add spices. Cooks of ayurvedic kitchen are real experts in treatment with bean and their combinations.

Grain (groats)  do not refer to preferable meal at diseases of slime, however their properties can be changed into useful side. It is useful to bake them on a frying pan before preparation. It is possible to do it for the future; the bought groats (a buckwheat, rice, oats) to bake all the quantity on a dry frying pan (at weak fire, constantly slowly stirring) till easy change of colour and to store in such a way, each time using already processed grains for preparation.


Way of life at diseases of slime. The motto: «to eat a little, to sleep a little, and to move as much as possible».

  1. To avoid a overcooling in the street; bathing in cold water; sitting on cold (especially on the earth!)
  2. Not to sleep in the afternoon even if you want to.
  3. Physical exercises of all kinds.
  4. Warming. Is better warming at «direct» fire — a fireplace, a fire. A dry bath (sauna). Warming by physical exercises. Wrap oneself, even if it is not so cold outside, and especially by combination of dampness and cold.