Case 1

A woman, is 72 years old. 35 years is ill with rheumatoid arthritis in the heavy form. She has pains almost all the time and also constraint, periodically arises low grade fever, joints are roughly deformed. She has begun taking the Tibetan medicines. During 3-months of taking medicine it was not observed any positive dynamics. Despite of the recommendation of the doctor to stop the treatment, she wanted to continue it. After 5 months of reception there has come rapid improvement: biochemical indicators were normalized (S-jet fiber, rheumatoid factor), the general condition has considerably improved. She stopped to use anaesthetising preparations. Has reduced a dose of hormones (completely to cancel it was not possible in connection with an atrophy of adrenal glands).

Case 2

A woman, is 32 years old. Suffered from a persistent cystitis for 6 years. Numerous courses of treatment didn’t give even temporary effect. The exacerbation arose from any spicy food, from alcohol, the slightest overcooling and during each intimate contact. After 2 months of taking the Tibetan medicines there was positive dynamics, an absolute recovery in 5 months of medicine intake.


Case 3

A boy, is 13 years old. Was ill with a pseudo-tuberculosis, has passed treatment in a hospital. In two weeks high temperature again has risen, was repeatedly hospitalized, has received one more course of antibiotics. After having end a course in 2-3 days the temperature again has risen, the boy received one more course of antibiotics. The temperature stopped to decrease to normal, the child was preparing for transfer in therapeutic branch for treatment by hormones as for «System disease». Mother has applied to the doctor of the Tibetan medicine. The syndrome «Residual heat in channels» has been diagnosed. The child was taken home. Simple medicines for «heat deducing» were prescribed. For the second day of taking broths, at night the temperature has suddenly risen to 40,5 C, plentiful sweating, in some hours the temperature was normalized, the boy began to recover, and in some days was completely healthy.

Case 4. Disease in connection with infringement of a way of life.

A man, is 21 years old. Has applied to doctors of the European medicine in connection with deterioration of mobility of fingers. At a magnet-resonant tomography of brain — has been diagnosed formation of large pseudocysts (actually, emptiness in a brain, filled with a liquid (liquors). Disease was referred to demyelinating processes, the treatments of which are absent in the European medicine. The patient has been warned about inevitable physical inability then he has applied to the TM doctor. After examination was found out rough frustration of wind system which was provoked and supported due to his professional work — the flutist. The point is that at constant blowing effort, the power stream of "a wind going upwards» is raised. This stream begins in a thorax, passes through a throat and goes to a head. As the patient has involved this stream of energy all the time, and it happened against a background his congenital constitution of a wind — there was a pathological excitation of this stream that has caused rough disorders in a brain. It was recommended for patient to stop or at least sharply to limit play on a flute, it was prescribed the medicines for treatment of system of a wind, and special medicines for a brain tissue. In 5 months of treatment the patient has noticed that disorder of mobility of fingers was gone. At repeated examination of a brain the cavities have not been found out that the treating doctor-neuropathologist has explained that the first X-ray image has been made mistakenly, that is these cavities have never been there. Repeatedly the patient did not apply.

Case 5. Complex diseases.

A man, is 48 years old. Has addressed with hypertensive disease (constant pills intake — 2 pills a day); excess weight (110 kg at growth of 168 cm), a beginning diabetes (sugar in blood 9-12), decrease in a potentiality (inclination), digestion disorder (a constant swelling of a stomach, bad digestion of food), cholelithiasis (two stones in a gall bladder of 2 and 2,2 cm in diameter).

The complex treatment was started with medicines of the Tibetan medicine. In 2 months of treatment blood sugar was normalized, arterial pressure began to decrease, he has taken 1 pill, the weight started to decrease and a potentiality to increase. Began to feel increases in vital energy, is less tired and is more active. After 8 months of taking the Tibetan medicines the weight has decreased on 20 kg, arterial pressure even without taking pills did not rise above 140-145 on 90. Despite recommendations to keep the minimum dose of hypotensive, has refused from taking pills, began to increase physical activity. After 10 months of treatment the weight has decreased to 86 kg (the general loss was 24 kg), sugar in norm, arterial pressure — sometimes raises to 135 on 85, in the most part of time no more than 130 on 80. After 12 months of taking the Tibetan medicines stones in a gall bladder were dissolved. He is active at work and in intimate life, inspired by results of treatment has begun the organization of fitness centers for patients with weight increase.



Case 6. Dissolution of cyst (gynecology).

A woman, is 56 years old. Has addressed in connection with detection of a large dermoid cyst of 10 cm in diameter at ultrasonic-examination. Cyst consisted of dense tissues, had many partitions. The gynecologist has categorically insisted on operation which has been appointed in 3 weeks. During this time the patient has decided to take the Tibetan medicines she was familiar with them earlier at course of treatment of hypertensive disease. In the preoperative period, the patient took medicines destroying the cyst. In a hospital on the day of the appointed operation, before input into operational room, she was made ultrasonic — search to specify localization of cyst. At the examination instead of cyst was found a residual formation of 1,5-2 cm without cavity. Operation has been cancelled, the patient is released home.

Case 7. Dissolution of gallstones.

A man, is 37 years old. Has addressed to the TM doctor after ultrasonic-search it was revealed a lot of stones in his gall bladder. It wasn’t practically seen a gleam in a gall bladder, as it was completely filled with stones. Taking the medicines continued for 11 months after that the gall bladder was completely clear. The patient’s digestion was restored.