To exclude:

  1. All kinds of alcohol
  2. Eggs fried in oil (fried eggs)
  3. Hen and mutton.
  4. Fat food, especially animal fats. Vegetable oils, such as olive, linen are useful.
  5. Spicy food — spices, sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, horse-radish), sharp snack (Korean carrot), etc. Sharp vegetables — garlic, onion, radish.
  6. Olives
  7. Soya
  8. Coffee
  9. All products with very sour taste (lemons, cranberry, vinegar and marinaded products).

10. Way of preparation: to exclude all fried and oily (a grill, hot fan). Prefer stewed and boiled food

Way of life. The factors strengthening and damaging system of bile).

  1. Heavy physical activities (lifting of weights, big loading at fitness — all efforts with «straining»).
  2. Overheating (a bath etc).
  3. Anger, rage.
  4. Eating a lot of meat
  5. Hunger and overeating.
  6. Competitions, especially with big «charge» of rivalry.