To exclude:

  1. Hunger, undernourishment and a feed with innutritious food (the vegetarianism, etc.), enough quantity of fiber and fats is necessary in the diet.
  2. Persistent misuse of crude (thermally not processed) products — fruit and vegetables.
  3. Dry and cold food (sandwiches, chips and so forth)
  4. Coffee and black tea (as a last resort with boiled milk)
  5. Spicy food — spices, sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, horse-radish), sharp snack (Korean carrot), etc. useful only soya sauce.
  6. Strong alcohol. It is possible a little (no more than 150 ml) dry red wine with meal (not on an empty stomach, but together with meal).
  7. Pork

It is useful:

In sum, at frustration of a wind the warm and juicy food is the most useful.

  1. Meat broths (especially mutton bone), welded with onions and-or garlic — enough it is a medical product for a wind. (Excepting a broth from pork). Soups on a meat broth.
  2. Mutton
  3. Boiled warm milk before going to bed, is possible with honey.

Way of life.

To exclude.

  1. Overcooling
  2. Any activity to an exhaustion. It is necessary to take pauses for rest, without leading up oneself to an exhaustion of forces.
  3. Sleep debt
  4. irregular food
  5. Surplus of touch impressions (constant hearing of music, hobby for the computer, TV, etc.)
  6. Disturbing, stressful situations.
  7. Hunger condition. Each of the factors set forth above is harmful doubly if it influences us when we are hungry. Any activity «next the heart» strengthens a wind.

It is useful.

  1. Quiet, calm atmosphere of dialogue with pleasant people, warmly both comfort physical and sincere.
  2. Smooth loading. Day should begin slowly (it is useful to have extra time in a stock in the morning not to hurry oneself), activity should be methodical, without sharp starts and jerks; to get into work gradually, on a full stomach, with breaks for slow meal and short rest after it.
  3. Day regimen is very important: sleep, rest, meal.
  4. Regular use of the Tibetan aromas from a wind: Agar-31; Ferula; the Nutmeg (Nutmeg) -Dzati, etc.
  5. It is very useful to have with you and gradually to add in any food some spices: a nutmeg, cardamom, cumin.