Vsevolod Orlov, born in1963.

Higher medical education, specialty — medical business, specialization — the therapist.

In Public health services system worked as the ambulance surgeon (a brigade of intensive therapy), resuscitation, therapeutic branch, rehabilitation branch. The state certificates confirming specialization in the basic therapy, herbal medicine, hirudotherapy, homoeopathy. Has been studying and practicing "alternative medicine” for 17 years, including acupuncture and the Tibetan medicine. Acupuncture was trained from the master of this method Dolgopolskiy L.N.

His first teacher of medicine is Bolbar-Bakshi. Doctor Orlov has started to study and practice the Tibetan medicine independently in 1995, afterwards he has passed courses on theoretical and practical training at well- known and skilled doctors of the Tibetan medicine. That is the Buryat doctor from the Inner Mongolia Gelek Belber; the Mongolian doctor, the director of medical centre «Mazhaa» B.Myagmarsuren; the professor of Institute TM «Chagpori»  (Lhasa) doctor Vangdu; doctor ТМ, the head of the International Academy of traditional Tibetan medicine Nida Chenagtsang (Tibet).

Together with his first teacher on his native land (Inner Mongolia) is the Editor and the publisher translation (from English) books on the Tibetan medicine (section of mental diseases) «Demons of our mind: healing Diamond». Since 1999 conducts pedagogical-lecture activity, running courses (including travelling courses) on the Tibetan medicine (see chapter «Lectures»).