• Disorder of dosha: bile
  • Disorder of elements: fire

Gallstones can be dissolved, it’s not necessary to eliminate a gall bladder. There are Tibetan medicines, with special mineral additives which make stone friable, it starts to be scattered gradually and leaves without difficulties. The stone is dissolved because bile changes its properties, becomes liquid, active («hot») and washing a stone, dissolves it.

Irrespective of, if the patient wants to get rid of a stone or not, it is extremely important to take at least a short course of the Tibetan medicines which will cure a basis of disease — «a bile cold», because of that stones have started to be formed. In this case stones though will not have time to be dissolved, but will not grow further and digestion will work in the right way. If it is necessary to dissolve stones, the patient takes the program of stone dissolution with special medicines which takes a lot of time.

The dissolution scheme takes 9 months to 1 year. The medicine is taken 1-2 times a day.


It is very important not to eat a lot of food at once, and to eat regularly, by small portions.

It is excluded: salt, fats, eggs, oily, fried food and meat, especially chicken meat and pork.

It is recommended: oranges, apples, lemons, beet juice. From seasonings are useful a saffron, turmeric, a barberry.


The Tibetan doctors dissolve small gallstones, prescribing medicines «Serdok-5», «Serdok-11», «Triche-7».