Glomerulonephritis, a pyelonephritis, a cystitis, a prostatitis.

More often diseasees of kidneys have the cold nature as kidneys are very sensitive to a cold and often is damaged by it. Such widespread diseases as a pyelonephritis and cystitis — typical diseasees on the basis of cold. That is why the slightest overcooling causes acerbation. It is well-known that at a pyelonephritis (at a cystitis-is rare) the temperature rises, however an arising inflammation («heat») — is the secondary phenomenon. In order to treat a pyelonephritis completely is not enough to extinguish an inflammation. The inflammatory component at suppression of an infection by antibiotics is quickly eliminated, but at the slightest cooling the process is started again. That is in order to recover completely it is necessary to cure a cold of kidneys by warming medicines.

Thus, treatment of cystitis and pyelonephritis proceeds in two stages: at first the heat completely recovers, then the cold is treated. Then the effect from treatment —is steady.

In difference from pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis —is a disease of the hot nature. Hot factors  such as alcohol, infectious diseases, stresses cause its exacerbation. Glomerulonephritis can be recovered by the methods of the Tibetan medicine that has been proved in our practice many times. Even the patients, who already had to use a hemodialysis, can much more facilitate their condition.

The glomerulonephritis is accompanied by steady increase of arterial pressure that in the Tibetan medicine refers to diseases of blood. Therefore glomerulonephritis treatment only with nephritic medicines insufficiently, it is necessary to supervise a blood condition for what in ТМ there is a variety of preparations.

One of the major conditions for full treatment of glomerulonephritis is a procedure of blood-letting — from a special point on a vein, or by means of bloodsuckers. Blood-letting is a method of «eliminating of disease root».

Prostatitis — is «talk of the town» for men. It is clear, because «prostata- is heart of the man». How much time is spent for analyses, prostate massages and others unpleasant procedures. Sometimes patients with a chronic prostatitis become experts in various methods applied in this disease.

We do not share such point of view that the chronic prostatitis is a serious problem. To recover it fully it is necessary to consider only some moments.

  1. Presence of infections. In this case anti-bacterial medicines are applied.
  2. Presence of the centres of inflammation — infiltrates. If they are present, «breaking consolidations» medicines are applied; and also very fast effect gives hirudinization. Medicinal leeches possess strong resorbable action, inflammatory infiltrates resolve in prostata in 3-5 procedures. Besides, stagnation in vascular system of small basin is eliminated, and it is very important potogenetic component of disease.
  3. Accompanying diseasees. The chronic prostatitis can proceed in the conditions of a cold of kidneys, or heat of kidneys. Without elimination of this basic background of disease it is almost impossible to achieve full treatment. That’s why ТМ with its methods of treatment of «heat» and «cold» gives full and steady effect of treatment.

As one patient said, who has tried all clinics of a city and all well-known doctors, has recovered from prostatitis in 1,5 months: «I could never think that a prostatitis is treated so easy». Though, all forces of the patients differ and force of disease too — sometimes cases of really fast treatment are possible.