Chronic sinusitis — is a chronic disease. It can arise again and again after overcooling or each time, as complication of virus disease. Really, anatomic features of bosoms of a skull very much promote chronisation of illness. They incorporate to a nose cavity by thin channels and consequently outflow from them is often complicated. An infection, got into bosoms is difficult to remove because of it. However, not even the infection treatment is turning point in treatment. Antibiotics eliminate an infection, however disease all the same anticipates more often. It is connected with that fact that a sinusitis belongs to diseases of «Slime» and is always connected with its raised accumulation, especially in this area. A head and sine is «a slime place». The inflammation-actually a sinusitis, always occurs against superfluous accumulation of slime. To treat sinusitis completely, it is necessary, after elimination of an infection (inflammation) to deduce surplus of slime from bosoms. Then the disease basis will be eliminated. Thus, treatment of a sinusitis consists of two stages. First of all is treatment of heat and infection in this stage the medicines with cool and anti-infectious properties are prescribed, then purification from slime is needed. Purification is made both by means of medicines, and by means of procedures. Medicines are different in properties from the medicines of the first stage of treatment, medicines with warm and anti-slime properties are prescribed; then the procedure of deducing of slime: it is prescribed the special oil nasal drops, then patients are surprised how much this area has been blocked by slime.