Chronic weariness became disease of the West. The Tibetan doctors explain weariness symptoms as decrease of wind and surplus of slime.

  • Disorder of dosha: wind and slime.
  • Disorder of elements: air, water, earth.

Heat of a body decreases that is shown by a cold snap of hands and feet. Often there is also digestion disorder that is connected with easing of digestive heat. Symptoms of slime increase are displayed by feeling of weakness, heaviness and also by disorders of breath and concentration.


To exclude: garlic, onion, dairy products, especially in the mornings, not to eat a lot at once.

To reduce consumption of fats, salts, sweets, food and drink with cold properties.

It is recommended: eat five times a day, consuming food in moderate quantities so that the feeling of ease will remain after meal. Often drink hot boiled water. Keep to a vegetarian diet with a considerable quantity of fruit (but not bananas) and boiled vegetables. Fish is acceptable.

Way of life

To exclude: work at night, overtime, work at home after finish of the working day.

No matter how much you would like — do not sleep in the afternoon. It increases slime dosha, and you will feel even more tired, than before a sleep.

It is recommended: the most necessary means are rest and relaxation. Devote to a relaxation all days off, having planned them according to your physical condition. It is important to keep feet in heat, especially in winter.

Set the time in your schedule for the general relaxation and relaxing meditation. It will not demand a lot of time, but «aligns» you. The soft, not tiring gymnastics, as for example yoga, also will be useful.


Massage is not necessary because it will reduce the lack of wind dosha.

The Tibetan doctors prescribe in such cases medicinal mixtures on the basis of a pomegranate (raising force of digestive fire), such as «Granat-5», «Kundej», etc.