These two diseases — not only diseases of joints, but system disorders, damaging all levels of organism work.

Gout it is first of all the disorder of the metabolism which has begun once from disorder of digestive fire, and come so far that became multi-organ disease with damage of joints. Damage of joints – is a small part of that and subject to treatment. The gout is a system, multi-organ disease developing of many syndromes why actually, it is treated so difficultly.

There is always a syndrome of «bad blood», that is autointoxication, the reason of which is defective digestion of food and «blood pollution» by not digested products. Appointment of special medicines restores normal uptake, creates a necessary basis for treatment. Also it is required a deep detoxication by means of special medicines and procedure of blood-letting. Disease is accompanied by damage of kidneys and increase of arterial pressure that also demands proper medicines; and certainly treatment of the damaged joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis refers often to the diseases of «heat», and according to the Tibetan medicine it always includes an infectious component. (Speaking about infections the Tibetan medicine means not «rough», bacterial infections, but special «thin» which in the European medicine can be referred to «a filtered virus».

Disease damages not only joints, but all connecting tissue, heart, kidneys. Treatment is complicated by a constant intake of hormones by such patients: they constrain disease and though give incomplete, but fast improvement. However in the long term they become the destroying factor.

Both diseases are treated difficultly, not less than 1-1,5 years, especially in last stage though there are cases of fast improvement. In case of gout the effect of treatment very much depends on keeping a diet and a healthy way of life. Categorical full refusal from alcohol, reduction of meat consumption is obligotary.