• Disorder of dosha: a wind, or a wind and slime.
  • Disorder of elements: air, water, earth.

The majority of people of wind type, or wind-slime suffer from the lowered arterial pressure. The basic symptoms: weakness, fast fatigue. They often have dry skin. The Tibetan doctors consider “cold” as the reason of this disorder. Usually there is an insufficient activity of digestion, a lack of energy of kidneys. Medicines strengthening «digestive fire» and warming kidneys are prescribed.


To exclude: all products strengthening wind dosha — pork, coffee, tea. Caffeine and tannin raise energy, and after primary lifting of pressure it falls again.

To limit the use: products with «cold» properties. For example, fruits and raw vegetables.

It is recommended: food with sour taste, also a garden radish, carrots, rice, green vegetables, eggs, veal, fish, chicken meat. Drinks with warm properties, such as ginger tea and the spices supporting a liver — a saffron, tumeric are very useful. If the patient does not suffer from water retention, he can salt the food more than usual.

tea recipe: to mortar equal parts of grains of a pomegranate, a crust of a lemon and cardamom grains. To mash one teaspoon of mixture in a glass of hot water.

Also it is useful to drink in the mornings a cup of tea with a lemon and ginger.

Way of life

To exclude: physical activity that needs sharp, intense efforts.  It is useful rhythmical load: brisk walk, gymnastics.

It is recommended: always to eat till the sense of fulness. Also the hot shower and solar baths  in a moderate amount are useful.