Intervertebral hernia is a consequence of long previous process. By osteochondrosis suffers system of channels of a body from the Tibetan medicine point of view. The basis of disease is the cold which as always base on decrease of digestive fire. Treatment is directed at restoration of passableness of channels, organism «warming», restoration of lymphotrophy.

«Warming», or speaking more clearly, restoration of trophism tissues is made by means of medicines and procedures — massage ku-nye, warming up with moxa, etc. At the beginning of drug intake in the neglected cases strengthening of constraint and morbidity by movement in damaged by osteochondrosis places arise, more often in the upper spine- a neck, shoulder girdles. In the lower back — a waist, a place with most probable hernia developing, the situation always demands study of nephritic channels and treatment of a cold of kidneys.

The surprising moment is that by the proper treatment even with a large hernia its symptoms disappear. Physically it does not change its size, site, however semiology leaves (numb feeling, pains, mobility disorder) as though it is not present at all.

From procedures as a supplement bath treatment according to system of Dr. Zalmanov are very effective, with use of emulsion on a basis of terpentine.