Neurologic diseases. Consequences of strokes: paralyses, paresis, neuritis, sensitivity disorders. A multiple sclerosis.

This group of diseases refer to diseases of channels. The medicines used in these cases, the Tibetan medicine number in the tens. First of all they contain pearls and nacre, and also plants which influence the patency of channels.

Also as in the European medicine, completeness of treatment of stroke consequences depends on term — how long time ago the damage has happened. Anyway is necessary a multi-month's drug intake (not less than 3 months).

It is especially necessary to note possibilities of the Tibetan medicine in treatment of the nervous diseases connected with destruction of a nervous tissue (a multiple sclerosis and others). In the European tradition they are considered as the incurable. The traditional complex approach to the Tibetan medicine allows to treat a multiple sclerosis if disease has not yet caused strong destruction of nerves and an atrophy of muscles. We observed full recovery many times — with restoration of nervous patency, restoration of muscular force and so forth. Treatment as at any system disease lasts 1-1,5 years. As always, it is not enough to treat only the damaged nervous tissue, but all organism, to restore balance of three dosha, a heat and colds; to cure disorders of other organs-usually of digestion, to eliminate infections etc. Without such complex influence it is impossible to cure a multiple sclerosis.