Mental disorders: neurosises, phobias, panic attacks and so forth

This group of disorders usually respond to treatment by the Tibetan medicines very well. More often they are connected with a disbalance of system of «wind» and disorders of channels patency. Classical medicines with poetic names are used: "Happy mind”, «Giving rest», etc. The usage of aromas can be added to the treatment — they work simultaneously both as an aromatherapy, and as inhalation drug intake. It is used not the Indian or Chinese variant with a sweet smell -  they are needed for pleasuring sense of smell, but the Tibetan aromas with more «severe» aroma. Aromas include antiwindy components, the most known is wood of an eagle tree — an agar. (Aromas are called as Agar-31).

Very powerful method is procedures — first of all oil massage. In the Tibetan tradition it’s a very deeply influencing complex, with work of channels, joints and so forth — massage ku-nye. Simple massage with oil will be also extremely useful.