Gynecologic diseases: menstrual disorders. Polycystic ovaries.

Inflammations of gynecologic organs (adnexitis etc.). 

Menstrual disorders. Polycystic ovaries.

In the European medicine usually is used hormonal regulation — the same medicines that are used as a contraceptive. After their intake the cycle is normalized at once, however, after their cancellation disorders appear again. It is as always connected with that that the basis of disease is not treated, that is often cold.

In this case to prescribe medicines influencing selectively only on gynecologic sphere it is not too perspective. Often digestive fire is insufficiently active by such patients and there is a cold of kidneys without elimination of which the recovery is impossible.

Inflammatory diseases can proceed as «heat», however, often happens that a disease basis is the cold. In this case, after inflammation elimination it is necessary the appointment of restoring, warming medicines for kidneys and digestion. In both variants of a clinical course it is possible to achieve full treatment.