• Disorder dosha: usually wind, also bile, can participate slime.
  • Disorder of elements: air, fire.


To exclude: hot spices, such as chili, products with very sour taste, bananas.

To limit the use of spices in general and oils.

It is recommended: to use more buttermilk (curdled milk), rice and boiled vegetables, lentil and a meat broth.

Way of life.

To avoid: riding, sitting for a long time, especially on soft chairs, straining, enema applications against locks.


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Following recipe is useful also:

Cook half of a glass of rice in 2 glasses of water till water becomes white. Separate rice. Add 1 tea spoon of sugar in broth, 5 tea spoons of sesame seed and 1 glass of milk. Take in a warm kind, drinking all the portion all day long.