Diabetes is not only the pancreas disease from the point of view of the Tibetan medicine, though directly disorders are expressed more in it. Except a pancreas, kidneys and often lungs are involved in this disease. Some medical schools allocate even three types of diabetes: pulmonary, nephritic and actually «pancreatic». Other schools speak about diabetes proceeding as a wind, bile and slime. Each variant of diabetes progression demands its own treatment.

That is, by treatment of diabetes it is absolutely not enough to treat only pancreas. The Diabetes — it is not simple pancreas disease, it’s a system disease. Besides involving in process of kidneys and other organs, there is a syndrome of "bad blood» in diabetes — accumulation of toxins. They are formed as a result of bad digestion and effect kidneys and other organs. This moment should be necessarily considered in treatment. Also, vessels suffer from diabetes, causing various complications.

Struggle only for normalization of sugar level in blood is represented the primitive approach from the point of view of the Tibetan medicine and doesn’t give full recovery.  It is almost always possible to lower sugar level to norm, however it does not mean diabetes treatment. In this sense the approach of the European medicine the same as by the hypertensive disease-formal, directed only at elimination of indicators — level of arterial pressure, blood sugar.

Diabetes is formed from digestion disorder. As a result of long-term proceeding defective digestion the specific system pathology is being formed- diabetes which involves many organs and systems.

It is possible to lower level of blood sugar usually very quickly, however, in order to reach deeper treatment it is necessary to put in order the whole organism. Therefore treatment lasts not less than 6 months, usually about 1 year.