Disorder dosha: bile and slime

Disorder of elements: fire, water and earth.

The Tibetan medicine defines bronchitis as the combined disorder of bile and slime as the inflammation is combined with much sputum.


To avoid fried food, fats, meat with «warm» properties (chicken meat, mutton), mature cheese (to use only the young cheeses prepared without keeping for a long time, such as a mozzarella, сулугуни (to soak salt!)), smoked and precious stone (as in a salami).

It is recommended: to eat more fruits, especially grapes. To use spices and plants with «cool» properties, such as saffron, licorice root, a white sandal-wood tree (as aroma) and myrobalan (arura). Watch, that the food were fresh, especially butter and milk (Tibetan often use stale meat or old, rank butter). The Tibetan tea containing a plant tarbu softens bronchitis (in the Buryat tradition it is sea-buckthorn berries) with berries of buckthorn.

From the components available for us it is possible to prepare tea:

  • Ground cinnamon
  • Licorice root
  • Ground carnation

1 teaspoon of a mix mash with one glass of boiled water 

Way of life

In chronic bronchitis it is recommended to eat regularly, to do respiratory exercises (especially in the morning), periodically to make purgation (consultation of the doctor is obligatory).


The Tibetan doctors use banks in bronchitis treatment.