More often are expressed by frustration of wind dosha. Sometimes they proceed accompanied by chronic diseases, heat etc; sometimes it is purely functional frustration of a wind.


In the exacerbation phase is usually manifestation of heart heat. As well as any heat, it can lead to dangerous complications, in particular to a myocardium heart attack.

If heat of the heart is eliminated — the heart attack does not come. When energy of heart is exhausted it can be more dangerous condition, than heat of heart; it arises by older persons and demands obligatory supporting treatment.

In all cases the Tibetan medicines are rather effective. Heat of heart is removable within several months of treatment, decrease of energy demands one-two-time drug intake within longer time.

Insufficiency of blood circulation.

It occurs by older persons in overwhelming majority of cases. Certainly it is connected with heart easing, however to treat only heart is not perspective. Function of kidneys and digestive heat — this indispensable condition for energy completion should be necessarily restored.

It is often necessary to prescribe preparations for restoration of vascular circulation.