• Disorder of dosha: bile.
  • Disorder of elements: fire.

Modern pharmacological means, such as the antibiotics, anaesthetising, and also impurity of inhabitancy, alcohol abuse and overeating cause tension of main detoxic organ — a liver. Besides the banal reasons, more serious diseasees of a liver can be caused by infectious hepatitis: hepatitis B or C. This serious disease is rather extended. Its danger in that that disease is hidden for a long time, and it can lead to vitally dangerous complications — to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Virus hepatitises.

Treatment of virus hepatitises proceeds in two stages. The First — treatment actually a hepatitis that is stopping of disintegration of hepatocyte (cytolysis hepatocyte). Free outflow of bile should be necessarily provided and the inflammation («heat») of a liver is eliminated. It is often necessary to cure a pancreas (pancreas) which is involved in process of hepatitis. Usually the first phase of treatment takes about three months. After that it is necessary to extinguish activity of a virus, the first principle of disease that is more difficult task. Activity of a virus depends not only on physical factors, but also on a mental condition. Therefore it is important to be psychologically healthy and to keep a healthy way of life.

Cirrhosis in the Tibetan medicine is called as "heat of a liver» which existing for a long time «has got deep into». It can be compared to an underground peat fire: inside there is a burning, external signs are minimum. Process proceeds many years with a few symptoms, and then all comes to an end with decompensation stage — liver cells die, there is nothing to treat and only the liver transplantation can rescue the patient.

If treatment is begun while liver functions remain, not all cells are lost yet — the cirrhosis can be treated. Usually treatment is long and it is necessary procedure of blood-letting — without it it is impossible to remove deep heat of a liver.


  • To exclude: alcohol, fats, chicken meat and mutton.
  • To limit the use of the salt, all seasonings and spices (excepting saffron, tumeric and cumin.
  • It is recommended: a saffron and tumeric support activity of a liver. Vegetables with bitter taste, chicory, a lettuce are useful. From fruits — apples, lemons, grapes, oranges, olives.
  • Good effect has a juice of a beet, for example during the icteric period of hepatitis, it is good to drink 3 glasses a day.


One of the universal medicines prescribed by the Tibetan doctors by diseases of a liver — «precious turquoise-25».

Extremely effective is blood-letting from certain vessels.