• Cholelithiasis;
  • Cholecystitis;
  • Gastritis, stomach ulcer;
  • Pancreatitis;

According to the Tibetan medicine the diseases of digestive organs -is the most powerful part in all pathology. Most of all diseases are connected with digestion disorders, direct or indirect. In the Tibetan medicine the major clinical concept — digestive fire is established. It is a resultant force of digestion; that is how well we are capable to digest and take up. Work of all organism — depends on it after all nutrients which we take from food is used for building of all tissues of a body; and if already at the first stage of building — during food breakdown, there are some disorders, the whole further process goes with «the rejected» material forming disorders at different levels.

Disorder of digestive fire underlies so many diseases that in the Tibetan medicine there is even a professional saying: «All diseases from ma-zhu». Ma-zhu is indigestion in the widest sense. It is not always an inflammation — gastritis, or stomach ulcer, indigestion can be expressed simply in the complicated digestion, in under — breakdown and under — nutrient absorption. The lack of enzymes will be analogue of such indigestion of «cold» type in the European medicine. Very frequent component of indigestion is the condition of "a bile cold».

Diseases of a gall bladder (stagnation of bile, «bile cold»), cholelithiasis.

Insufficient activity of bile, «bile cold» is expressed firstly in bad digestion of food (a stomach swelling, weight after meal, locks etc), and further it leads to a condensation of bile and formation of stones.

It is possible to dissolve gallstones, it’s not necessary to eliminate a gall bladder. There are Tibetan medicines, with special mineral additives which make a stone friable, it starts to be scattered gradually and leaves without difficulties. The stone is dissolved because bile changes properties, it becomes liquid, active («hot») and washing a stone, dissolves it.

Irrespective of, if the patient wants to get rid of a stone or not, it is extremely important to take at least a short course of the Tibetan medicines which will cure a basis of disease — «a bile cold», why stones have started to be formed. In this case stones though will not have time to be dissolved, but will not grow further and digestion will work in the right way. If it is necessary to dissolve stones, the patient takes the program of stone dissolution with special medicines which takes a lot of time.

The dissolution scheme takes 9 months to 1 year. The medicine is taken 1-2 times a day.


Cholecystitis — is a gall bladder inflammation, this disease of a hot nature. A cholecystitis exacerbation – is dangerous situation and demands immediate hospitalization. However, reaching the remission phase it is possible to start treatment by Tibetan methods. The medicines applied at a cholecystitis influence different components of diseases: normalize bile outflow, remove an inflammation and eliminate an infection. Often, after treatment of inflammatory process, the patient should begin the program on dissolution of gallstones against which cholecystitis had been proceeded.

Gastritises, stomach ulcer.

Stomach – is the main element in functioning of digestive fire. From the Tibetan medicine point of view it is arranged the most difficult – all three dosha should work balanced in it — wind, bile and slime; while in each organ one of three dosha usually prevails.

Gastritis and stomach ulcer more often are diseases of the hot nature. An authentic sign of «heat» in a stomach is the heartburn and acute pains, reaction to a spicy food. A sharp stage -heartburn, increase of acidity, pains- come quickly. More time needs to restore balance of dosha in a stomach, to adjust its balanced work so that exacerbations will not repeat. Feature of modern diseases of a stomach is a presence of microorganisms (helicobacter) which is not being etiology of disease nevertheless complicate its treatment. In the Tibetan medicine there are enough means for treatment of this pathology.

It is important to know, that even when the patient feels healthy, he should not start to eat everything. It is necessary to keep a diet for half of a year after disappearance of complaints because balance of three dosha in a stomach — a fragile thing and should be fixed.


It responds to treatment by the Tibetan medicines very well. As well as all diseases can proceed according to «cold» and «hot» type. Almost always proceeds together with stomach pathology, against any kind of indigestion treatment of which will be a guarantee for full treatment of a pancreatitis.