Bronchial asthma.

Bronchial asthma — is a difficult disease which can include many the pathogenetic moments. Often it combines it would seem opposite components — «heat» and «cold». Heat is manifested by an inflammation, a cold — surplus of slime (sputum). Besides the syndromes connected with blood diseases are often intertwined, and all symptom complex is always accompanied by wind disorder.
A skilled doctor can allocate prevailing syndromes and to direct treatment at them: for example, if the patient has prevailing syndromes connected with blood (it is expressed by a red face, reddening of lips etc.) then it is easy to stop an attack of a disease; if the patient is inclined to pallor, puffinesses — preparations directed at slime system will be more helpful for him. And at last, preparations which remove actually the asthma are prescribed for a long period of time.
Thus, there is no standardized treatment of the asthma, each patient has the features, personal variants of disease development which should be considered. Therefore, the Tibetan medicine knows cases when the patient completely or almost completely get rid of asthmatic fits.


According to the Tibetan medicine the tuberculosis always arises against a background of strong easing of digestive fire. Therefore in the Tibetan medicine the major importance in treatment is given not to infection suppression, as in the European medicine, but to strengthening of all organism, certainly together with treatment of lungs.
In a modern situation and when the situation is already very difficult, the patient has to take simultaneously both Tibetan, and the European medicines.
For tuberculosis treatment in the Tibetan medicine the strong medicines are used containing oxides of metals, horns of animal etc. They allow even to restore tissues of lungs and to prevent disintegration.
At the same time the feeding medicines are prescribed which fill up energy of kidneys, treat an exhaustion and normalize fixation.