• Disorder of dosha: usually wind.
  • Disorder of elements: air.

Seldom, but there is a insomnia on a basis of bile dosha (element of fire). In this case treatment is absolutely another.


To exclude: coffee, food with cold properties (e.g. raw food), burning pepper, surplus of sweets.

It is recommended: following spices: a nutmeg, assafetida, cardamom, cinnamon, caraway seeds, sesame, carnation-they counterbalance a wind. They can be added in all food.

For example, it is possible to carry with yourself one whole nutmeg and gradually add it in food where you would not be. Hot spices, such as pepper and ginger are counter-indicative. The onions and garlic are very good, but only cooked. Meat soup from a chicken or mutton. A little bit of red wine with a meal in the middle of day and in the evening. A glass of warm milk before going to bed. Treatment. Massage with nutmeg oil in the evenings.

The following recipe is extremely effective:

Cook a broth from the mutton bones (better from a shovel and tailbone) with addition of stone salt. Put on a bottom peeled pieces of garlic about two large heads or more. Boil, stir slowly and pound, till formation of paste (approximately 10 minutes). Drink in the evening.