• Disorder of slime dosha, often is also a wind dosha.
  • Disorder of elements: water and earth, air is also possible.

In general, it is possible to tell that joints are often damaged by cold and it is always harmful to them. However, there are two kinds of an arthritis — «cold» — and «hot». The cold type — is arthrosis, destructive changes of bone and cartilaginous tissues. The inflammation (osteoarthritis) can arise in the damaged by arthrosis joint after some time but anyway the disease basis is a cold.

Other type of arthritis, «hot» when primary, basic process — is an inflammation. Infectious arthritisis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout belong to this type.

As the basis of these two types is various, the treatment differs very much too. By cold type of arthritis warm medicines on force, a warm diet and a way of life are used; hot natural sources and medical baths help excellently.

In case of hot arthritisis cold on force medicines, procedures for treatment of heat-cold compresses, blood-letting are used. Besides, such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis and gout is not isolated damage of joints, these are system diseases: rheumatoid arthritis is caused by autoimmune inflammation proceeding not only in joints, but in all connecting tissue; gout – is a complicated disorder of the metabolism caused by chronic frustration of digestion. Full recovery of these diseases is possible, but treatment proceeds very long time (about 1 year), with with the participation of additional methods (procedures etc.). If the disease is present very long then inevitably destructive changes in joints arise which are irreversible.


Avoid raw, spoiled, turned sour (also salted-fermented products), fat and heavy food, it is similar to poison by arthritis. In case of hot arthritises - rheumatoid, and especially by gout — alcohol is very harmful! Milk, salt, potato and cabbage are harming products too.

Are recommended: rice, fried wheat (for example, instead of fresh roll and bread-toasted crackers from them), peas, buttermilk, yoghurt from the cow milk (curdled milk), cold boiled water, food with easy properties and wine with a little bit honey (only by «cold» type of arthritis).


By chronic arthritis the garden radish is exclusively effective in Tibetan medicine (more conveniently it to use dajkon — a long white radish)

In the evening peal a garden radish, grate, and having turned in a cotton material squeeze out juice. Collect juice in a glass and remove vials and foam. Leave juice for the night in a dark and cold place. In the morning add a little of grounded methi leaf (fenugreek it is sold in shops with the Indian spices) for taste, and drink next the heart. 

Way of life

Avoid everything that cools a body: places with a wet, rainy climate, wear warm clothes in the winter, do not lie on the earth and do not sleep in the afternoon.

It is recommended: do gymnastics, hold the lower part of a body (feet, hips) in warmth all the time.


Treatment by the Tibetan medicines is very individually also demands obligatory consultation of the doctor. Balneo-therapy — bathing in hot thermal sources is very good. Also, Tibetan do in such cases very effective medical baths «Five amrits», adding to water five plants: a rhododendron, ephedra, wormwood, juniper and myricaria. More available for home application are Zalmanov baths: emulsion is sold in drugstores, under supervision of the doctor the patient independently have a course of baths. Especially they help very well by arthrosis — cold damages of joints.