More often the doctor of the Tibetan medicine faces disorders which have been forming for a long time. Occurrence of symptoms and visible physically changes (for example at ultrasonic) are already a consequence of a certain process. Even in cases of diseases which manifest sharply, usually disorder one of a dosha is detected which existed for a long time at functional level and did not express itself. As we want really deep results, not only elimination of symptoms, but full recovery, change of work of an organism at deep level, for this purpose we need:


  1. Time.  More often are required the terms measured in months to turn back the disease: from 1-3 months by not very serious diseases (a sinusitis, menstrual disorder  etc.); and till 1 year by system serious diseases (hypertensive disease; a diabetes). More often the first results of treatment come faster-in 1 month or less; but it is not enough for a steady result.
    Therefore it is required from the patient:
  2. Patience, endurance and trust. Changes in an organism, especially chronic, developed for years, occurrence of symptoms was preceded by changes at functional level. We try to reach the valid reason, it is not always simple. Treatment is a dynamic process. The patient should be ready for that: disease does not leave at once and symptoms leave slowly; sometimes, though and it is not frequent, there can be a deterioration ("the medicine has got to disease«);
    During the course of treatment there can be extraneous diseases (for example, in case of asthma it is possible to be ill with a flu and a condition worsens again). If we want to get rid of something difficult it is necessary – in spite of difficulties to continue intake of mixtures, and to follow regime of treatment and keep in contact with the doctor. If there are complexities in treatment, you shouldn’t panic, but understand that it is an integral part of any changes and the whole life in general, — it is necessary to tell the doctor about it. Almost always it is possible to find methods for additional influence on treatment process: to replace appointments, to add procedures, to involve other experts in consultation, etc.
  3. The active relation to the treatment process. It is wrong to think so: «Here my problem, here money for treatment so I want that my knee will recover». Something that has caused the disease, has arisen not in the magic way, and completely depends on factors of patient’s life. Disease forms: a food, climatic factors (overcooling and others), constitution type and mental life of the patient.

You shouldn’t perceive the doctor as the wizard who will quickly change that you created for years of your life. May be you are required to make changes in your life, and in your habits. After all something that has the longest influence on us and directs our condition to a certain channel, forms our painful tendencies. Therefore the known joke about the doctor has the valid sense ("the Patient at the consultation with the doctor, having asked about a diet becomes the following answer: «everything you like most of all, I forbid you »). It is very clear: for example, if we like red pepper very much and add it everywhere, due to our habit we have cholecystitis and visited the doctor.


Some habits which we already do not notice at all- to sit up and to get up late, gorge on for the night, to rinse hot meal with cold drinks, can have the most fatal influence on us and, in order to recover, we have to change these habits.

Also, it can be required additional actions in treatment — for example, procedures. Simple procedures which the patient can do by himself (oil drawing, use of aromas); or something that demands work of the expert (massage, warming up of points, blood-letting).

Sometimes it’s needed for recovery to consult other specialist: a psychotherapist if the disease is connected with mental problems, in treatment of  locomotor system , to consult the osteopath.